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Explore the Beauty of Batik

BATIK Restaurant Bar is probably the place where the Batik art reveals its beauty and history. We designed our place to educate visitors about this precious cultural heritage that is threatened by many factors. While waiting for your dish, get our staffs to take you around in a mini tour discovering the timeless beauty and magic of batik.

Batik Fabrication Steps

The six fabrics hanging on our main dining room show various steps
of batik production from waxing to coloring. All of the phases required accuracy and patience to create a perfectly beautiful piece of batik fabric.

Batik Waxes and Natural Dye

See, touch, and know about all raw materials needed in the process
of Batik production for each phases. We display you different types
of woods mostly use to derive natural colors for batik coloring
and waxes to draw the lines that should be protected from coloring.

Batik Stamps

The bar design with real old batik stamps use to created a perfectly repeated pattern all over the fabric. All of those stamps are hand-made, will left you imagine how much time, efforts and details needed to weld and knit the metal copper lines as base to create the final design.

Batik Coins

Take a look at a bit closer to the bottom of bar counter where you could
find thousands of old style coin representing the major batik cities
all over Indonesia with their flags and symbolic element.

Batik Stairs

Explore the beauty of Batik from all around Indonesia in each of your steps. We display 23 most important cities that become house of Batik production centres within Indonesia.

Batik Canting Pen Board

Canting as one of important element in batik production can also inspired people to create a modern art. Our wall has been made with 1800 holes helps us to display canting pen and write various words.

Batik Art Panels

Bringing batik to another level, our display of batik art panels
were made to show how arty batik can be. Not only being part
of traditional culture, batik can also transmitted to modern art
and blend with other unexpected elements.

Batik Fashion Mannequins

The beautiful mannequins present how fashionable batik is, not only in the past but also in this modern era. Its timeless attractiveness and beauty has promote many Indonesian designers, one of them is the famous Ali Kharisma who let us display two of his batik collections.