Caca Tengker & Barry Tamin: We eat delicious food and so much inspired with the culture-rich interior!

“We eat so much! It’s all worth and delicious. We are very impressed with Batik Vietnamese Crepe, Banh Xeo and Thai Humus. For dessert love Apple Crumble and Chocolate Volcano. We also got a surprise from the staff celebrating our honeymoon, thank you so much. After eating we went around the restaurant for mini tour and it was exciting. When else will we learn about Indonesian culture in a such beautiful and comfortable place like Batik? We were told the process of making batik step by step from the waxing, coloring, and stamping. We also went to second floor and being told about how Batik could be taken to another level in modern way. And the most stunning is definitely the stairs! All of the interior is beautiful and we are so much inspired by it for our new house! Thank you so much Batik for the experience!”

Caca Tengker and Barry Tamin – Indonesian Celebrity and Entrepreneur