Have you try Vietnamese Savoury Crepes, Banh Xeo?

While ‘crepes’ is usually describing that crunchy and chocolaty sweet dessert, Vietnamese cuisine has a totally different version of crepes that is all savory from the crepes batter to the fillings. They call this savory crepes “Bánh xèo” simply meaning as sizzling pancake because it of its sizzling sounds when it’s being cooked. Combining rice […]

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best restaurant for dinner and lunch in seminyak bali

Batik Restaurant Bar Featured in DetikFood by Detik.com

We deeply in love with the beauty of Indonesian Batik and this traditional fabrication method has been inspiring us so much from the very first time we built BATIK Restaurant Bar, until now. Twisting traditional batik with modern colonial touch, our interior design has amazed many of our customers not only in the eyes but […]

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Media Coverage: SPOTLITE TRANS 7 come to BATIK Restaurant Bar!

It has been a busy day at BATIK Restaurant Bar and we were so excited when we received a mail from TRANS 7, one of national big TV station, offered a feature in their weekend program called Spotlite. Of course, we couldn’t say no for this opportunity! Arriving at noon, we welcomed Spotlite team with […]

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