Have you try Vietnamese Savoury Crepes, Banh Xeo?

While ‘crepes’ is usually describing that crunchy and chocolaty sweet dessert, Vietnamese cuisine has a totally different version of crepes that is all savory from the crepes batter to the fillings. They call this savory crepes “Bánh xèo” simply meaning as sizzling pancake because it of its sizzling sounds when it’s being cooked.

vietnamese asian restaurant in seminyak bali
Combining rice flour, turmeric and coconut milk for the crepes batter, with delicious fillings of sauteed shrimp, chicken, sprout and some aromatic herbs,  Bánh xèo has become one of most popular and unique Vietnamese cuisine all over the world. Just like any other authentic local cuisine, in Vietnam,  Bánh xèo is being sell everywhere from the small street food stall, to the five star restaurant. Curious to try this savory pancake in Bali? We have this delish Bánh xèo on our menu!

About BATIK Restaurant Bar
Located strategically in the heart of Seminyak, BATIK Restaurant Bar serving South East Asian cuisine ranging from Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thailand cuisine with its authentic taste but twisted in modern way. Our restaurant interior is inspired by the beauty of traditional Indonesian fabrication method called BATIK and showed in every corner, from the stairs, ceilings, bar, wall, lamp to the modern art. We also provide a mini BATIK Tour to our customers who are coming from many countries to introduce the beauty and philosophy of this Indonesian cultural heritage. We aimed to give each of our guest a unique and unforgettable dining experience during their visit to Bali.

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